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INSIDE El Salvador

Klettern Sie fast 2000 Meter empor Salvadors jüngsten Vulkan Izalco.

Die Wanderung beginnt in einem tiefen Waldstück am Fuße des Vulkans, dann kommen Sie auf alten Lavagesteinen langsam höher bis Sie die steilen Vulkanhänge erreicht haben. Die Mühe lohnt sich, von 2000 Metern Höhe haben Sie einen atemberaubenden Blick auf das Land und in den Krater. Richtig Spaß macht der Abstieg, durch den feinen Sand gleiten Sie mühelos herunter!

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Although El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, it offers its visitors an abundance of attractions - majestic volcanoes and geysers, enchanting lakes and lagoons, archaeological richness along with endless beaches on the Pacific coast.

The endless waves and lonely stretches of coastline of El Salvador are long known among the best surfers worldwide. From remote stretches of coastline to the lively beaches, Salvador offers a variety of entertainment venues and beautiful beach hotels.

Like many of his neighbors El Salvador also owns a number of volcanoes. One of the most famous volcanoes is Cerro Verde (2030 m) whose extinct crater is covered by a cloud forest with a high biodiversity of birds. From the Cerro Verde crater you have a stunning view to the Volcano Izalco, Ilamatepec, Coatepeque and the lake.

El Salvador also has relics of Mayan culture - in Chalchuapa, in the far west of the country, is the most famous Mayan site in the country. It consists of five ceremonial temple complex which surrounds a ball game on the sporting rituals suggests.

The places Quezaltepeque, and La Palma known for their colorful crafts. The place is famous for its pottery Quezaltepeque known, the notice because of their green and brown colors everywhere in the country.


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Casa de Mar Hotel and Villas

Casa de Mar Hotel and Villas
Casa de Mar Hotel and Villas

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