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About 2000 kilometers away from the next civilisation lies the beautiful and mysterious Easter Island.

The impressive Moai statues are scattered around the island. Work out your own theory about the origin, meaning and transportation of these huge sculptures. You can explore the island by car, on horseback, on foot or by bicycle. Two beaches offer the possibility of sunbathing, swimming and diving. Enjoy the Polinesian hospitality during your stay on the island!

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The Pacific in the west and the Andes in the east form the natural boundaries of Chile. Over 4300 kilometer wonders of nature can be admired, from glaciers in the south to deserts in the north.

Chile’s capital Santiago de Chile lies in a valley surrounded by high mountains and wine regions, which offer possibilities for many leisure activities ranging from hiking and skiing to wine tasting. The nearby port town Valparaíso with its picturesque houses and public elevators is definitely worth a visit.

From pretty much anyplace in the Lake District you can see one or more volcanoes. Many of them have a perfect cone and some offer stunning views from the top. At the feet of the Andes, this area is ideal for outdoor activities. A little further to the south you find the island Chiloé, which is known for its mythology as well as its colourful churches and stilt houses.

The glaciers and fjords in southern Patagonia are probably best explored by cruise. In the far south, the famous Torres del Paine National Park is known as hikers’ paradise, but also offers spectacular views to other visitors.

The old towns of Iquique and Arica are great places to start an expedition into the volcanic desert region along the borders with Peru and Bolivia. If you are looking to spend a few days on the beach, the small town of La Serena is a perfect spot.

The Atacama Desert with its red-brown mountains, geysers, salt lakes and mountain lakes with flamingos is one of a kind. The beauty and vastness of the desert, combined with a nightly excursion to one of the observatories in the vecinity of San Pedro de Atacama, guarantee some unforgettable impresions.


Alto Atacama, San Pedro de Atacama
Alto Atacama, San Pedro de Atacama
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