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The Iberá Wetlands are not only a paradise for birdwathchers, but for all travelers who are looking for a true nature experience.

Only few people live in the second largest wetland area in the world, but it is home to approximately 350 bird species, including the large Jabiru stork and many kingfishers, the world’s largest rodent, the capybara, as well as caimans, otters, deer and many other animals. In this quiet and remote place you find luxurious nature lodges where you can relax and enjoy nature.

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The many different climate zones with their range of natural wonders make Argentina a great place to visit. The rich culture and astonishing wildlife make the experience complete.

The best starting point for a tour through Argentina is without doubt the charming capital Buenos Aires, where the tango has its home. Many visitors quickly fall in love with this city, its people and its lively neighbourhoods.

The extensive Patagonia is worth a trip on its own. In the far south you find the famous Perito Moreno Glacier in an untouched scenery of spectacular mountains and glaciers. The Valdes Peninsula on Patagonia’s northeastern coast is the habitat of amazing wildlife, including whales, penguins, sea-elephants, sealions, armadillos and guanacos. The Lake District with its green surroundings and many national parks in the northwestern part of the region shows a completely different picture of Patagonia and is the ideal place for a multitude of outdoor activities.

Interesting excursions and cruises let you experience the many glaciers and fjords in Tierra del Fuego. Alternatively, board one of the ships that sail to the Antactic for an experience of a lifetime.

In het heart of the country and surrounded by beautiful mountains lies the colonial city of Córdoba.

In the west, at the feet of the majestic Andes, one finds the Mendoza Wine Region. The Aconcagua (America’s highest mountain), a spectacular lake at high altitute where flamingos feed and two nature reserves with astonishing rock formations in the deserts of San Juan and La Rioja are only few of the touristic highlights in this area.

Driving through the northwest of Argentina, you can find amazing landscapes. These change dramatically from deserts with huge cacti and breathtaking red rock formations to salt flats and lush green cloud forests.

The exotic part of the country can be found in the subtropical rain forest in the northeast, where one also finds the impressive Iguazu Falls.

Yacutinga Lodge, Misiones
Estancia La Paz, Córdoba
Estancia La Paz, Córdoba
Yacutinga Lodge, Misiones
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