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Although I was born in Germany, I spent the majority of my childhood in the Philippines and returned to Asia after completing my University studies in Europe. Because of my early exposure to the unique cultures Asia and Latin-America, I developed a passion for travel which led me to work as a premier travel consultant today.

Upon arriving in Vietnam I began to organize and guide educational tours for Europeans in Indochina. I was fascinated by the history, culture and people of this region, and thus focused on my passion for helping others see this beautiful land through destination travel. After several years in Vietnam I had the rare opportunity to experience another unique and exquisite culture – Latin America.

For the past four years I worked as a travel consultant in Costa Rica, planning detailed customized destination trips. I traveled extensively throughout Central America, to become an expert on all the region has to offer. I recently returned home to Germany bringing my expertise and firsthand knowledge to travelers within Europe.

Because of the passion I have for my work, I provide my clients seamless travel coordination for all stages of planning, booking, and enjoying customized tours throughout Central America and Asia. It is my belief that I am not just planning a vacation, but that I am helping to create memories that last a lifetime.

I look forward to planning your next getaway!

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